Course Accommodation

Live and Study with your teachers!

Live and Study with teachers

For the duration of your full immersion course in England, you live and study in a superb house which you share with your two teachers and, if you join a mini-group, the other members of your group.

Your teachers are normally a couple, so it's like living in a family, but without the children!

Your course includes full-board accommodation, with a continental breakfast, light lunch and dinner being provided in the house each day.

Your teachers usually prepare the food themselves but, during your course, food vocabulary and food preparation will feature as lessons and you will participate in the preparation of at least one meal.

Regardless of whether you study alone on a one-to-one course or join a mini-group course, all students have their private room (shared rooms for couples are available on request) and full use of the house and its facilities and grounds.

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