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Individual Full-Immersion English Courses In England

Full-Immersion English Courses In England

We offer two types of full immersion English course in the UK. We offer One-to-One courses for individuals who prefer to study alone, and Private Group courses which are aimed at small groups of up to 4 people studying together.

Regardless of whether you study alone or in a group with friends, for the duration of your course you will share your accommodation with your teachers. If you book a private group course for you and 3 friends, for example, you will have your own private room in a spacious 5 or 6 bedroom house which you share with your teachers. The teachers are often a couple, so you'll find that the atmosphere in the house is similar to living with a family, but without the noisy children!

Our full-immersion English courses offer a genuine full-immersion experience. Your English experience starts at breakfast every day, and doesn't finish until you go to bed! A typical two-week course includes over 140 hours of English practice through a combination of lessons, English practice and conversation sessions with your teachers, the equivalent of having two English lessons a week for a year!

In addition, we include a full excursion program which is designed to be fun and also provide opportunities for you to practice your English.

One-to-One Courses

An intensive One-to-One full immersion course in England is the best way to improve your English quickly. Not only is your course tailor-made to suit your personal requirements, but you also share a house with your teachers for the duration of your course. We give you every possible opportunity to learn! Your course starts on a Friday evening and finishes on a Friday lunchtime.

Our teachers will collect you from Heathrow or Gatwick airport and take you to your accommodation, which you will share with your teachers. Your course also includes an excursion program, which is intended to be interesting and also to give you plenty of opportunities to practice using English. In any event, you will be required to speak English all day, from the moment you arrive for breakfast until the moment you go to bed. One to One full immersion courses can be booked for a 2, 3 or 4 week duration. If you choose to study alone you can follow a general English course or, if you have specific needs, we can create a course to suit your requirements.

Private Groups

In addition to One-to-One courses, we also offer private courses for small groups which allow you to study with a small group of up to 3 friends or colleagues. These group courses are private, which means you decide who is in your group and no outsiders can join our group. Obviously, all members of the group have to study the same course, and so need to have the same aproximate language level, but we can create a course which is tailored to your exact needs.

These private group courses are excellent solutions for companies who want their staff to study as a team but are also a great idea for friends who would like to study and enjoy England together! We think it's a fun way to study seriously!

It's worth remembering that a 2-week course includes over 140 hours of classroom lessons, practical English and conversation sessions with teachers. You will not find another full-immersion English course which provides this level of exclusivity and learning content.

Our private group courses are available for 2, 3 or 4 week durations, with students arriving on a Friday evening and finishing on a Friday lunchtime. For a relatively small supplement, an Elite Mini-Group of 4 students can be divided into two smaller groups, allowing Two-to-One tuition. The group stays together in the same house, and for practical English and conversation sessions, the group reverts to being a group of four.

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Other Information

Your course is planned in advance of your arrival. After you have confirmed your booking and we have received the course deposit payment, you will be asked to complete an English level assessment and complete a questionaire to explain your objectives for the course. This information is used to create your course.

The majority of the accommodation that we use is located in the countryside or in smaller towns, close to London or the university towns of Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Guildford or Canterbury. We do not offer course accommodation in London.

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