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Full Excursion Programme

If you want to learn to speak English, you need to practice speaking to people! For this reason, a large part of your course is dedicated to practical English. What this means is using English and speaking to other people in English in a variety of contexts. The excursions program included in your English course is not only intended to be interesting, but also to help you improve your speaking and listening skills.

Accompanied by your teachers, you go on a range of excursions to some of the many places of interest around the UK, including several trips to London. Each excursion will be different, educational, interesting and, we hope, enjoyable. During excursions you need to use English constantly. At the end of each day, you and your teachers have dinner together in your house and discuss the day's activities.

Where possible, we try to arrange for higher-level Business English students to attend at least one business-related lecture at one of the Oxford or Cambridge Universities, but this is not guaranteed and depends on many variables. In addition, we are sometimes able to arrange visits for groups to companies in the local area, but this can not be guaranteed.

Full Excursion Programme
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