English Grammar Guide

Table of English Tenses

A simple illustration of English tenses and example forms

Tense Name Construction Positive
Present Simple infinitive he/she/it + -s I work.
I don't work.
Do I work?
He works. He doesn't work. Does he work?
I go. I don't go. Do I go?
He goes. He doesn't go. Does he go?
Present Continuous to be (am/are/is) + present participle I'm working.
I'm not working.
Am I working?
He's working. He isn't working. Is he working?
I'm going. I'm not going. Am I going?
He's going. He isn't going. Is he going?
infinitive + -ed
(See also: irregular verbs)
I worked.
I didn't work.
Did I work?
He worked.
He didn't work. Did he work?
I went. I didn't go. Did I go?
He went. He didn't go. Did he go?
Past Continuous was/were + present participle I was working.
I wasn't working.
Was I working?
He was working. He wasn't working. Was he working?
I was going. I wasn't going. Was I going?
He was going. He wasn't going. Was he going?
have/has + past participle I have worked.
I haven't worked.
Have I worked?
He has worked. He hasn't worked. Has he worked?
I have gone. I haven't gone. Have I gone?
He has gone. He hasn't gone. Has he gone?
have/has + been + present participle I have been working.
I haven't been working.
Have I been working?
He has been working.
He hasn't been working. Has he been working?
I have been going. I haven't been going. Have I been going?
He has been going. He hasn't been going. Has he been going?
had + past participle I had worked.
I hadn't worked.
Had I worked?
He had worked. He hadn't worked. Had he worked?
I had gone. I hadn't gone. Had I gone?
He had gone. He hadn't gone. Had he gone?
Past Perfect Continuous had + been + present participle I had been working.
I hadn't been working.
Had I been working?
He had been working. He hadn't been working. Had he been working?
I had been going. I hadn't been going. Had I been going?
He had been going. He hadn't been going. Had he been going?
will - future will + infinitive I'll work.
I won't work.
Will I work?
He'll work. He won't work. Will he work?
I'll go. I won't go. Will I go?
He'll go. He won't go. Will he go?
be going to - future be (am/are/is) + going to + infinitive I'm going to work.
I'm not going to work.
Am I going to work?
He's going to work.
He's not going to work. Is he going to work?
I'm going to go. I'm not going to go. Am I going to go?
He's going to go. He's not going to go. Is he going to go?
Future Continuous will + be + present participle I'll be working.
I won't be working.
Will I be working?
He'll be working.
He won't be working.
Will he be working?
I'll be going. I won't be going. Will I be going?
He'll be going. He won't be going. Will he be going?
Future Perfect
will + have + past participle I'll have worked.
I won't have worked.
Will I have worked?
He'll have worked. He won't have worked.
Will he have worked?
I'll have gone. I won't have gone. Will I have gone?
He'll have gone. He won't have gone. Will he have gone?
will + have + been + present participle I'll have been working.
I won't have been working.
Will I have been working?
He'll have been working. He won't have been working. Will he have been working?
I'll have been going. I won't have been going. Will I have been working?
He'll have been going. He won't have been going. Will he have been working?
would + infinitive I would work.
I wouldn't
Would I
He would work. He wouldn't work.
Would he
I would go. I wouldn't go. Would I go?
He would go. He wouldn't
Would he