English Grammar Guide

Phonetic Symbols - Pronounciation

These phonetic symbols are used in almost every dictionary and most English language books, so knowing how to use them is very helpful!

These symbols are used in almost every dictionary and most English language books. The phonetic symbols in the list below (for example  ) relate to the letters or sounds highlighted in red (for example      =     cheap)  So, is used to show the 'ch..' sound. These will take time to learn, so practice by writing lists of words which use the symbols.

Phonetic Symbols : Consonants

p           put,   pull,   stop,   apple

b           bit,  big,  about,  beer

t            top,  tree,  stop,  ten

d          door,  food,  dog,  said

k            cut,  walk,  dark,   cup,  coffee

ɡ            green,  girl,   get,  go

          cheap,  teacher,  chair,  choice

        jeep,  joke,  joy,  lounge,   german

m         men,  make,  money,  my,  mine

n         nine,  green,   night,   sunday

ŋ         sing,   english,   ring,   thanks

f            fat,  five,  find,  four,  food,  fish

v           very,  vote,   observer,   five

θ           thin,  earththigh,   throw,   think

ð           then,  there,  they,  these,  this

s           seven,  six,  see,  stay,  stand

z           zoo,  noise,  president,  prize

ʃ          she,  shoe,  fishsure,  shave

ʒ          measure,   pleasure,  casual,   treasure

h          heaven,   help,  have,  hand

w        we,  wine,  wednesday,  woman,  women

r          run,  right,  tree,  remember

j          yes,  year,  yellow

l          left,  long,  like,  pull,   love

Phonetic Symbols : Vowels

ɪ              bit,  sit,  fish

            feed,   seed,   need,   please,  sheet

ʊ            good,   wood,   could,   should

          food,   shoe,  two,  you

e             dress,   bed,   head,   many

ə             about,   common,   standard

ɜː            bird,   third,   word  (sometimes transcribed əː )

ʌ              cup,   money,  love

æ            bat,  had, lamb,  apple  (sometimes transcribed  a)

ɒ             hot,  top,  stop,  want

ɔː            bought,  board,  door,  four

ɑː          father, card, hard,  dark,  heart

           say, way, stay

ɔɪ            boy, toy, joy, noise

əʊ        toe,  show, know, grow

           buy,  try,   myeye  (sometimes transcribed  ʌɪ )

ɪə           year,  beer,  ear

ɛə          bearair,  share  (sometimes transcribed  ɛː )

          cow,  vowout