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A group of independent English teachers

Insegnanti Inglese - English Teachers

Insegnanti Inglese - English Teachers

Insegnanti-Inglese is not a language school. We don't have expensive offices and classrooms, and so we don't have secretaries either. Insegnanti-Inglese is a small group of independent freelance teachers who teach in Milano, Saronno and many other parts of Lombardia.

Our teachers have a wide range of experiences and are not standard 'classroom teachers'. In addition to working with private students, including exam preparation, and teaching in small to medium-sized family-run businesses, our teachers have taught in some of the biggest multinational companies in Lombardia, such as Siemens, Fininvest, Sanofi Aventis, Michelin, Novartis, Perfetti, Cannon, BPM and many others.

Lessons are held at your home, in your office or in our teachers' homes, depending on availability and location.

The difference between us and traditional language schools are simple; the price. All of our teachers have worked with conventional language schools, and some still do, but we are not a school and do not have to pay for expensive offices and administration staff, so you only pay your teacher. For students, it is the perfect solution!

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If you are interested in booking English lessons for yourself or your colleagues, or would like more information about our courses, please contact us by email, outlining your requirements. We try to reply to all emails within 24 hours.

Insegnanti Inglese - Teaching Jobs

As you might imagine, as Insegnanti-Inglese is not a language school, we don't employ teachers. If you are looking for teaching work in the Milan area you could always contact the local schools but, quite frankly, they pay peanuts. If you are a genuine mother-tongue teacher, you can earn a lot more (and get far more job satisfaction) working as a freelance teacher. If that appeals to you, there is only one place you should consider, and that's - the most successful site of its kind in Italy and the first (and last) place people look when they want a private teacher. Anything else just doesn't make sense. Take a look at the site, see how it works, then click 'teacher registration' at the top of any page to visit the teacher registration site.

If you prefer to work for a language school, check that your contract is legal, that your minimum salary is specified in writing and that your travel expenses (if offered) are realistic. Do NOT accept offers from schools that ask you to register for IVA - you will regret it and, if you only work for that one school it is almost certainly illegal. There are many fake job adverts (even some which copy details of genuine schools) so be wary of job adverts using gmail and other dodgy email addresses. For teaching jobs we recommend